EauZone Plus Quintesse - EPQ

The EauZone Plus Quintesse is a refreshing solution to fitting a luxurious shower in the corner of a bathroom.

The New Quintesse enclosure is available with tray or without for fitting directly onto a tiled floor. Featuring 10mm safety glass and Matki innovative non-slip hinge design, the new EauZone Plus Quintesse will stand the test of time. Available in standard sizes and bespoke.

For more information on Bespoke orders please email eauzonebespoke@matki.co.uk.

Click here for more information about the shower tray, dimensions and prices. Brassware shown in this image includes the EXW20 Blade Bath and Basin Filler and the EX28 Blade Mixer and Deluge Shower Head.

For sizes and specification please refer to price guide page attachment, see Product Downloads below left.

Model Code : EPQ

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