Matki offer a selection of completely Bespoke shower trays to fit with the EauZone Plus range of shower enclosures. Click through the images left to see our impressive selection of tailor-made shower trays.

The Preference Shower Tray is made from Solid Surface material which not only can be made to almost any shape but is also completely restorable. This impressive Shower Tray can be ordered at a standard height of 30/35mm (depending on size) with a raised edge or a totally flat floor version is also available, which can be installed as part of a wet room floor. The flat version has a height of just 20/25mm (depending on size). The tray can be ordered up to a size 2050mm in the standard height version and 2000mm in the flat version.

A new Slate Shower Floor is also now available. Modelled on a single, impressive piece of slate, this shower floor can be ordered in almost any shape and size up to 1800mm. Not only that, but the Slate floor can be ordered in any colour to order.

To find out more about our shower trays click here.